CDR Sample

  1. Introduction

CE1.1 The design and development of Sub surface sucker rod pump and its parts that complies with API 11AX specification was one of challenging   project that I have done during my professional life at M/S Penguin petroleum services Pvt. Ltd.  My work on this project started on December 2012 and ended on March 2014. The design, inspection and validation of the product were carried at the manufacturing facility of M/S Penguin petroleum services pvt. ltd. at Khopoli, Raighad, Maharastra, India-410203. The position title of my role was Engineer: Design and Development.

  1. Background

CE2.2 M/S Penguin Petroleum services Pvt. Ltd manufacturing facility in India is accredited with Quality/Industry certifications: API Q1, API 5CT, API 7-1, API 11AX, API 11B & API 19G1 and manufactures a range of products under these monogram certifications. Additionally, PPSL manufactures ESP completion accessories like Cast Cross-Coupling Cable Protectors, Mid-Joint Cable Protectors, Control Line/Injection Line Protectors, MLE Clamps and liftable Cast steel thread protectors. They have a strong work force that works hard, good facility and equipments to achieve organizational goal as well as customer needs. I was working with them as Engineer: Design and Development during the aforementioned project duration. My key responsibility of this project was to design and develop Sub surface sucker rod pump and parts, that complies with specification API 11AX. Also get certified by the API (American petroleum institute) organisation to sell the product under API monogram. These pumps lift oil from the oil well to earth surface and there are different sizes of pumps for different discharge rate of the oil. These pumps are reciprocating pump which have mechanical non returning valve (NRV) and lift the oil during the upwards motion. Generally, overall length of the pump varies from 8’ to 64’ and it is installed at the bottom of the oil well that have depth generally ranges from 2000’ to 8000’. Also the material, heat treatment, thickness of the coating of all parts changes according to the oil well condition. One pump contains 20 to 25 mechanical parts and in that 3 of the parts were developed at other organization due to lack of facility and technology available at M/S Penguin Petroleum Services Pvt. Ltd.

CE1.3 The objectives of the project were:

  • Design and Develop Sub surface sucker rod pump that complies with the specification API 11 AX. Thus introduce new product into organization to extend its range of business.
  • Lead the American Petroleum Institute (API) audit and get certified by API organisation so that M/S Penguin can sell the product under API monogram.

CE1.4 The nature of my work consisted of collecting the effectual data for the design and development of pump and pump parts. Prepare the engineering document such as drawing of pump with bill of materials; drawing of each part; design calculations of pump and pump parts such as stress calculation, analysis, flow area calculation; process plans; Quality plans; Material specification for each parts; pump selection criteria; safety manual; and work instructions for pump assembly, pump inspection at workshop and site. Additionally, my work consisted of preparing the product drawing, product specification, work instruction for incoming inspection of brought out parts and quality plan of the brought out parts. In addition, I had to prepare the documents and lead the API audit. Also I had to communicate through phone and email with the other supplier regarding the material and product requirements. I executed this project under the supervision of the plant in charge of that company and I was reporting to him about the development of the project. I organized meeting with other key members such as quality engineers, production managers, to come up with more useful, efficient, and feasible design of each parts. Also I provided regular updates to top management regarding the status of the product design and development. English was language used to communicate with the different persons involved in the project. I have considered all the technical and non technical parameters for the execution of the project. Furthermore, I submitted the cost of the project and estimated the production cost each part and pump.

CE 1.5 Hierarchy of organization

I was working as Engineer: Design and Development in engineering department that is highlighted in red color.

CE1.6 The statements of my project core duties were as given below:

  • Design sub surface sucker rod pumps and sub assemblies that complies with specification API 11AX.
  • Develop these pumps as well as parts and Coordinate the activities related to development of the product such as purchasing inspection gauges, inspection equipments, brought parts and materials. Also inspect brought material and parts to confirm it complies with the product specification.
  • Prepare the documents for API audit and lead the API audit to get certified by API organisation.
  • Prepare technical documents such as drawing of pump with bill of materials; drawing of each part; design calculations of pump and pump parts such as stress calculation, analysis, flow area calculation; process plans; Quality plans; Material specification for each part; pump selection criteria; safety manual; and work instructions for pump assembly, pump inspection at workshop and site.
  • Also keep the record of every activity related to design and development of product such as collection of input details for design, material test reports and product test reports.
  • Coordinate the different activity and lead the other persons involved in the project.
  • Inspect and validate the pump at in-house and arrange the equipments as well as gauges for that.
  • Estimate the cost of pump and pumps parts.
  1. Personal Engineering activity

CE1.7 I used my engineering knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my graduation to calculate the maximum stress developed and minimum flow area of each parts that is required to lift the oil to the top of the oil well without any failure to parts as well as without any undesired leakage, so that, the pump would be very efficient and it would last long. Then, I designed size and shape of each part of the pump for different oil well and for different discharge with help of these details and other input details collected from API 11AX specification, market and so on. I used my skill such as man power management, leadership, communication skill, hardworking, technical skill to execute the project successfully within the time assigned to me.

CE1.8 I created model and drawing of each pump part and pump with bill of material using 3D CAD software CATIA. I analyzed the maximum stress in each part that could be developed under maximum load condition and reconfirmed it is less than maximum permissible stress of the material. I have made the analysis report and calculation report of each part. I prepared the various engineering documents such as process plans; Quality plans; Material specification for each part; pump selection criteria; safety manual; and work instructions for pump assembly, pump inspection at workshop and site, with the help of other engineers working in the organisation. Then, I have issued all these documents to relevant person in the organisation. I have communicated with suppliers regarding the material and bought out parts. I have confirmed their plant capability to manufacture the product and also I have conducted supplier audit with the help of quality engineer. After the supplier approval I provided them various documents such as material specification, product drawing, and product specification and so on. I have reassured the material properties of the product and material supplied by the supplier, by verifying certificate provided by them and by getting examined at lab whenever it is possible. Also, I have carried out the inward inspection of the parts with the help of quality engineers. Simultaneously, I provided engineering documents to production team to manufacture the other pump parts. I have inspected the parts manufactured by production team and validated it by conducting different testing to confirm the product is meeting the design input details. I provided training to the other engineers and workforce associated with the project about the inspection and assembly of pump. I have considered various things such material cost, machine cost, engineering cost, manpower cost and other cost related to the product to estimate the cost of the pump and pump parts.

CE1.9 One of the major technical issue that I had during this project was the failure of snap type mechanical lock at the bottom of the pump. The dimension of the mechanical lock has changed permanently during the validation test and force required to lock it into positon was more than calculated value. If the dimension changes permanently then it may get unlocked from the position at the time operation in the well which will result in failure of the pump and production loss to them oil company for the repair or replacement of the pump. So I redesigned this product and introduced long slot such that it would have more spring action and it would regain its original dimension after locking and unlocking. I have revised all the documents related to this product and issued new documents to all relevant departments. Then, I developed this part again and carried out validation test.

CE1.10 I had regular meetings with all team members such as quality engineers and production managers to discuss various issues related to the product development and to find out solution for that. There were meeting at the end of each day with the workforces that were working on this project to plan and assign the activities for next day. Also, I made presentation of development activities and minutes of different meetings to report status of project to top management. I organized meetings with external suppliers for the feasibility study of brought out items and also followed up the development activities at their facility. I always gave time and shared my knowledge with the suppliers for successful development of the parts. I have provided awareness classes about the pump; pump parts; pump assembly and inspection procedure for quality engineers, production team and other worker involved in the project. Most of the communications were in English.

  1. d) Summary

CE2.13 The project gave me confidence to conduct design analysis in mechanical engineering. I was also acclaimed by senior management for the successful implementation of the project and it also gave me exposure to budgeting and finance related aspects of a project. My technical and managerial skills were well utilized during the project, which also gave me a moral boost. I managed to achieve all the objectives timely and successfully. I felt fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in this large-scale project. I enhanced my communication skills and also got to know the worth of team work and coordination in a project. The challenges of the project enabled me to be more practical and to develop expertise and skills for troubleshooting issues.