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Competency Demonstration Report is the medium via which the engineers who are looking forward to getting a “Skilled Migration visa” for the country of Australia in proving their competencies. Engineers Australia (EA) is the assessing authority for the “skilled immigration” applications. They always prescribe specific guidelines in preparing the CDR.

In general, the EA asks you to write the CDR on your own for demonstrating the communication skills. But if you submit a poorly written CDR to the Engineers Australia, you lose your chance to work in Australia.

Thus, you always need a trustworthy online CDR report writing services to get your application approved by the EA and consecutive visa approval to live and work in Australia. The profession writers of the online CDR report writing service provider can reach your goals achieved and make your dreams come true.

CDR report writing services to make excellent competency documents

  • Before starting to write the CDR, you need to understand precisely the purpose of your report and read the EA guidelines very carefully. You need to understand clearly that you report 3 significant elements: the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, 3 Career Episodes report and the Summary Statements report. Each of these three elements serves as an essential part of your documents. If you correctly understand why you are writing these items, it will be better for you to write these sections in a better way.
  • The Australian style of English is very much similar to that of British English. Be careful about the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction in your CDR. You need to draft it as per the Australian standards.
  • We at CDRAustralia.Net deals with review my CDR services. They are adept at spotting the mistakes very quickly and rectify them.
  • The Engineers Australia (EA) wants to know more about you, not your company or co-workers. Thus, you need not write any details of your previous companies. Always stick to what you have personally done in the projects handled by our team of cdr writers Australia. How you solved any particular technical issue or problem in any previous project. The methods and technologies applied by you to complete the engineering projects successfully.
  • Each paragraph of the 3 Carer Episodes matters very much. In your Summary Statement, you need to refer them and highlight your competency elements. As per the CDR writers Australia, the Summary Statement is the 1st page read by most of the EA assessors. Thus, it makes the very “first impression” on them.
  • All the Career Episodes should always be written in 1st person and also in “active” voices. Try to avoid fluffs and unnecessary details. Write more to the point way and in a very engaging manner.
  • The Summary Statement is to be written in a tabular form and as per a specific format as prescribed by the Engineers Australia (EA) team. Correct numbering is to be done of the elements, units and indicators. They are also to be linked with the text in the Career Episodes. In writing the Carer Episodes, the paragraphs should always be appropriately numbered. The paragraph number is needed to be mentioned to allow the EA assessors to find any particular indicator as indicated in the EA booklet.
  • There are three types of signs- your technical skills and knowledge, your personal and professional characteristics and finally, a proper application of your technical skills in the core engineering branch.
  • To look at the relevant paragraphs directly, you need adequate numbering. The CDR samples available on our website are to be used only as references. Do not copy them. The Engineers Australia (EA) always rejects the plagiarised CDR reports.
  • The EA still accepts online CDR applications. They receive no offline applications.
  • There are different types of codes for various engineering field or branch as suggested by the EA (Engineers Australia). You need to apply for the CDR under a specific engineering branch code as per your educational as well as previous professional experiences.
  • Our experts always keep themselves very much updated with the latest changes in the EA terms via their official website. The CDR reports are prepared as per the most recent guidelines and instructions imposed by the EA via their website.
  • The CDR applicants, who belong to the non-native speakers of English nations, need to prove their English skills by passing the online IELTS exam conducted by the Engineers Australia team.
  • Our experts also help them, in clarifying their online IELTS exam with excellent scores.
  • All the relevant documentation regarding your educational and professional experiences and the past are to be provided with the CDR. These documents are to be duly signed by the concerned authority. Scanned documents of all these essential documents are always to be attached to the online CDR report. The applicants need to be very much computer and internet literate to do the entire CDR report preparation and submission work to the Engineers Australia (EA) association. If you avail the valuable online service of any reputed provider, they will carry out all these jobs effortlessly for you.
  • We help you in getting your competency demonstration report selected by the EA and also getting your Australian work permit visa granted by the government.

An online CDR report writing service provider can always help you in the best way to get your assessment report selected by the Engineers Australia (EA) team. The writing experts will follow all the major tips to write the report for your success.

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