Summary Statement Engineers Australia

 A summary statement engineers Australia report is a vessel for an engineer who is planning to migrate to Australia. For Australian immigration, a CDR report is mandatory. It is a collection of many customised documents. A Competency Demonstration Report showcases your skills, as an engineer. You should have worked for at least 3 to 4 projects before you start the preparation of the report. Along with the other documents you are also asked to submit the IELTS examination report to demonstrate your fluency in the English language. Without a Competency Demonstration Report, you are not qualified for the skilled immigration visa to Australia.

Sample summary statement for CDR professional engineer

The Engineers Australia requires a sample summary statement for cdr professional engineer report to assess your competency skill in the field of engineering. Engineers who are interested in working in Australia should provide a complete cdr. These documents will be scrutinised thoroughly by the authorities as they give entry only for the best ones. This report has to be prepared according to the rules set by the Engineers Australia (EA) known as immigration requirements.  If it gets denied their then chances to migrate will become less. To avoid such problems, some engineers seek the help of experts. And they are paid for their services.

The ground rule of summary statement Australia:

    A report that lacks information and that are written poorly will not be considered. To avoid such issues read the following guidelines carefully.

  • Firstly, prepare a CV. Your education and work experience should be mentioned here. It should contain your employment details, and not your project works. Only A4 size pages should be used. Mention the following:
  1.     Name of the organisation you studied or worked along with its location,
  2.     Duration of your work,
  3.     The title of your job,
  4.     What you did there should be described briefly.
  • Secondly, mention your CPD report in a list format. Only A4 size pages should be used, and it should not contain more than one page.
  • Next is career episode, each career episode should contain about 1000 to 2,500 words. A career episode should not be written like a table it should be written like an essay. And also in first person singular format and mention what you did as an individual.
  1.     Career episode 1: paragraph (no. of words)
  2.     Career episode 2: section (no. of words)
  3.     Career episode 3: item (no. of words)
  • The summary statement should be about each career episodes. And should also explain all competency elements in detail.
  • The following information should be attached along with your engineering technologist summary statement example report:
  1.     Your Photograph
  2.     Both UG and PG certificate
  3.     Passport details
  4.     IELTS results
  5.     Curriculum Vitae
  6.     Evidence of your employment  as per the career episode

Don’t forget to remember points:

  •     Remember, the primary aim of the CDR report is to show your skills as an engineer
  •     Your English language should be excellent. As the Engineers Australia will check your communication skills.
  •     Be aware of what EA is expecting. For example; they don’t want to know the characteristics of your company, all they need to know is your role as an individual.
  •     The writing styles should be according to what the EA prescribes.
  •     You should also know how to relate each episode to the summary statements.
  •     You can even get advice from CDR experts, and some points the CDR experts suggest are; you can mention the problems and challenges that you faced in your projects, things you did to solve the problems like an engineer.

Engineers Australia CDR summary statement Rejections

    The reason why they reject engineers Australia CDR summary statement is that the Engineers Australia are looking for the best ones. And the rest will be dismissed if it’s not up to their expectations. Many engineers do not prepare it according to the rules set in the MSA (Migration Skill Assessment) booklet.  They will look at the quality of the writings along with English language fluency. People with weak communication skill will not be considered.

Main causes of rejection for Engineers Australia Summary Statement:

  • If the content is poorly written and lacks expected information.
  • If English language fluency is poor
  • If Copied or used plagiarised contents
  • If the length of the details increases or decreases then the expected range If your career episodes has more technical details
  • If it is not according to the MSA (Migration Skill Assessment) booklet
  • If it is written in a different language other than English
  • If the provided data or statement is false
  • If it is not written in first person passive voice
  • If essential details like; duration of the project, the aim of the project, problems you solved etc. are left out.

This is the essential part of a CDR report. But this is considered too difficult for most of the people. A summary statement should draw instances from the career episodes and explain all the competency elements in detail.