Privacy Policy

To keep all our commitments in respect of the confidentiality of all our users’ information, all the date received or collected by us are strictly held in our company. Payment processors handle all the payments. We do not possess any financial information about our clients.

We always reserve our right in using your personal information for the following things:

  • Charges and bill collection
  • Storing the communications sent via our site
  • Resolving the disputes
  • Preventing the illegal or prohibited activities to enforce our Terms
  • Analysing, improving and customising our services along with the website’s advertising and content

We always reserve all the rights in disclosing your personally identifiable data and information as needed by the law. This will happen strictly within the legal rights and as per the law codes.

CDRAustralia.Net also reserves the right in modifying the privacy policy an time. If there are any changes in our terms, conditions or policy, it will be immediately published on our official website. We always bud to the agreements of all such changes within our intellectual property right on the global basis. Thus, you are still advised to keep one updated on our website on a regular basis.