Reasons for Australia CDR Rejection

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a report that acts as the pass for Engineers who are planning on applying for migration visa and establishing their career as an Engineer in Australia. The engineering report submitted by they evaluate these Engineers. The name competency report well knows it. It’s is a collection of documents which is collected and sent to the officials in Australia. EA is an organisation that plays a primary role in employing the Engineers .on the basis of the demonstration report by the engineers they are hired. Competency report can understand the academics, theories, communication, writing and other skills that are related to Engineering.  One should make sure to submit an error-free and plagiarism free summary statement report in Australian English. Engineers from countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Pakistan, etc. are required to submit CDR report to EA.

Few points are mentioned for cdr rejection with reason

Make sure to submit an adequate and plagiarism free demonstration report. Any rejected candidate cannot apply for migration for 12 months.It should be plagiarism CDR report and as per engineers Australia writing styles. Referring a sample CDR report from internet or paperbacks will prove to be an effective method.

  • Referring can give you creative ideas, but copying contents are. It is only for reference purposes.
  • Copied contents of the sample summary statement report are considered as plagiarism; career episode report plays a vital role in evaluating the competency of the engineer in the appropriate department or field.
  • Include too many diagrams or photos or tables, will also be difficult for the assessors to identify the actual competency elements they are looking for.
  • One should always make us sure to include only the details asked by EA and provide just the wanted necessary information or specifications regarding your role or your project.
  • Each episode should not exceed 2500 words max as it is one of the big reason for cdr rejections.

How “CDR Australia” Helps in Preparing Competency Demonstration Report

If you are comfortable and confidential in preparing the demonstration report on your own, you can take help of the professional CDR report writers. Candidates usually decide to seek support from professionals when they are not sure of the terms and conditions of CDR writing. There are plenty of reasons for CDR rejection if you do not follow MSA Australia guidelines.

Occupational categories of CDR report

 An Australian engineer recognises three Occupational categories of competency report. These three categories are found in practice for Australian engineers. There are few lesser known categories such as Engineer Manager. She/he can Review engineering operations and able to formulate strategies, policies and plan in the field of engineering.

 The categories are,

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate for Migrations

Professional engineer

The Academic Qualifications required for a Professional engineer are four Years of Australian Bachelor Degree in Engineering. There should be a minimum of 12 years of Necessary schooling.  A potential Professional engineer is expected to the following qualities.  A Professional engineer should be able to apply management skills. He should focus on overall systems. She/he should be able to use established engineering methods to complex engineering problems and should have the ability to solve the complex tasks.

Engineering Technologist

The Academic Qualifications required for an Engineering Technologist are 3 Years of Australian Bachelor Degree in Technology. There should be a minimum of 12 years of Necessary schooling.  A potential Engineer Technology is expected to the following qualities; the primary requirement is the interaction. As the name suggests, he/she is likely to focus on interactions within the system.  As a harbinger of advancement of engineering technology, Engineering Technologist should be able to apply established engineering methods within the technology domain.

Engineering Associate

The Academic Qualifications required for an Engineering Associate are 2 Years of Australian Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in Engineering. There should be a minimum of 12 years of Necessary schooling. Engineering associate acts as the support for professional engineers.  A potential Engineering associate is expected to the following qualities; they should focus on a specific element of the system Prepares, Interprets, Inspects and Revises drawing, plans, diagrams, designs, maps and charts (taken from MSA). She/he should provide technical support to Professional Engineers.

How to moderate the wisdom of CDR report on standardisation and avoid CDR rejections?

A CDR report is a collection of documents that can list the Engineer’s skills in academics, theories, practical’s, management and communication. The Engineers Australia plays a significant role in employing the Engineers all over the globe and providing them with the visa. The EA select candidates by the summary statement report submitted by them. They will look for candidates who are eligible in both academics and other fields. The competency report assists EA in employing the Engineers by their academics. A useful CDR writing report consists of Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Status and Curriculum Vitae. These headings explain the duties, responsibilities, statements that are taken by you during the projects.