CDR Rejected by Engineers Australia

We handle CDR rejected case and make it approval again in EA

There are numerous reasons for which many of the CDR reports by the overseas engineers get rejected by the Engineers Australia (EA). Using broken phrases along with haphazard exclamation marks are some of the vital reasons for these rejections.

The main reason for cdr rejections is not following the updated Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines correctly, published in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet. Some of the common reasons of CDR rejections by the EA will be discussed in this blog.

What are the reasons for CDR rejections Australia?

  • While writing the Career Episodes (CE), you should mention all the mathematical calculations done by you. Other things to be said include the software technologies and the engineering methods used by you in accomplishing the previous projects. Although you need to mention all these technical points, the Career Episodes should not look too much technical. It needs to be more narrative. You also need to be very careful in providing all the necessary details as used by the EA regarding your active role in the previous projects.
  • It has been explicitly specified in the EA guidelines that each of the Carer Episodes is to be written in an “essay” format. Use numbers instead of bullet points in the Career Episode paragraphs. The Carer Episodes need to have a clear introduction, your engineering activities and the Summary. Your text needs to cover all the competency elements as mentioned in your Summary Statement (SS).
  • The length of each Career Episode needs to be 1,000-2500 words as suggested by the Engineers Australia (EA). You always need to read the EA guidelines as well the ANZSCO Code descriptions very carefully before writing the carer episodes. Now, you need to prepare the Essay draft. Here you need to edit the details and highlight the pats that emphasise on your competencies. Then, you need to proofread and edit al the 3 Career Episodes and pass it through advanced plagiarism-checking software.
  • Traces of plagiarism or copied pasted matters are one of the biggest enemies of CDR report. The EA assessors will reject your CDR then and there if they find traces of any plagiarism in your entire CDR report. Thus, never copy or paste anything in your CDR.
  • Write your whole CDR report in pure Australian English as guided by the EA. You can get a detailed guideline regarding this from the MSA booklet officially published by the EA.
  • It is very much recommended for you to keep yourself updated with the information an guidelines in the EA (Engineers Australia) official website.

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