How to Write the CDR Career Episodes Engineers Australia?

The three Career Episodes are vital parts of the CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). It is needed by the Engineers Australia (EA) team for judging the engineering skills, and experiences of the applicant meet that of the Australian standards.

Migrants need to qualify the CDR report under various engineering categories like- Professional Engineers, Engineering Associates,    Engineering Technologists and Engineering Managers.

While writing career episodes for engineers Australia, you need to be very careful about the engineering category under which you are applying.

Method of writing career episodes for engineers Australia

The CDR is to be written in a specific format as directed by the EA (Engineers Australia). It includes the following:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD): It is a list of all the things done by you for keeping updated in your technical field after your engineering course.
  • 3 Career Episodes (CE): These are three essays that are to be written for knowing your carer growth as an engineer. Each of these essays is 1000-2500 words in length. You need to write in 1st person. Here you need to write about your technical experiences in the previous projects done by you. All the Career Episodes need to be narrative as well as technically set. Thus, you need to have an excellent technical mindset to write the best career episodes.
  • Summary Statement (SS): It is the very last page of your CDR. In this Summary Statement, you need to mention how the Carer Episodes written by you relate to the Engineers Australia competencies.

The entire CDR report is to be written in Australian English. You will be benefited if you avail an excellent online writing career episodes for engineers Australia writing service from a reputed provider.

Topics for writing the carer episodes

You need to showcase your technical knowledge and skills in the Career Episodes (CEs) in the engineering discipline nominated by you. Thu, you need to choose your Career Episode topic correctly.

The topic is to be selected as per your engineering specialisation, qualification and experiences. You can get an idea regarding this from the following:

  • Previous engineering projects undertaken by you, workshops, technical fests attended, etc.
  • The job position occupied by you in the last company and your job responsibilities there.

Tips to write the three Career Episodes:

  • You can have the list if EA competencies before you while brainstorming the Career Episode topics
  • Always keep the 3 Career Episodes within the specified word limit
  • You still need to focus on your knowledge and skills in the Carer Episodes rather than your previous company details.
  • Write the career episodes in 1st person and active give voice
  • Do not add much graphics, calculations and tables in the Carr Episodes
  • Each of the Career Episodes needs to have four sections Introduction, Personal Engineering Activities and the Summary.

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